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When people hear the term organic products or organic farming they think that it is some scientifically advanced product that only a PhD can understand. They get the impression that these products are specially grown in some kind of advanced laboratory. It is nothing of this kind. It is merely the growing of food crops or the processing of dairy products without the use of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, this was the way farming used to be done till the early part of the twentieth century. Farmers only had natural means of growing the food crops. But with scientific advancements in agricultural science the use of pesticides and fertilizers replaced the traditional methods. Farmers found that by using chemicals they could grow crops faster and cheaper as well as in larger quantities.

Third world countries like India faced massive food shortages in the twentieth century. To produce the large quantities of food grains needed to feed a burgeoning population, it became essential to introduce chemicals and other scientific methods to the farmers. The chemicals solved the food problem and made the country self sufficient in food production. But it also brought with it the harmful side effects that most chemicals have in them. Today, the world is feeling a need to turn back to those traditional ways of farming so that people can eat healthy and live healthy.

When one talks about organic food, it includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Organic farmers refrain from giving their livestock hormone injections to help them grow faster. They also make sure that the animals only eat naturally grown food. The site contains plenty of information on this type of farming and products that are yielded from it. Reading through this information would help people gain knowledge on a type of crop production that promises to keep us all healthy.

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